Tustin Fire

A fire broke out near Tustin Ranch Estates today around 3:15 PM. Here's the post on OC Register. Neighbor said that he saw a group of people up where the fire started, and noted how it was odd to see people up on that hill since it's a hard area to get to.

The interesting part is that it took Orange County Fire Authority over 15 minutes to respond to the fire after it was reported. (There was a gap of 15 minutes between when I spoke with OCFA dispatch and when the first sirens arrived.) It's especially strange when the OC Fire Academy building is literally a block away. Had they responded sooner, the fire would have been far less damaging.

Update: According to OCFA records, the first call was received at 3:19, units dispatched by 3:21, and on scene by 3:28. Just because I didn't hear sirens until 3:37 doesn't mean they weren't already there.

And then ABC 7 decided to do a live broadcast on the 6:00 news (yes, after the fire was out). They hovered directly over my house for their "live" shot.

Just to keep ABC honest, their script said that "Eyewitness News viewers" sent pictures of the action, but then they proceed to only show a picture that they pulled directly off of Orange County Fire Authority's Twitter feed.

Oh, and here's what it sounds like when a news chopper hovers over your house for 10 minutes.

Yes, 10 straight minutes of that.